Festival 2018


The second edition of the Football Movies Festival came to an end. Dust dropped, popcorn was cleared from the floor, and the prize went to the winner. The audience vote was unexpectedly won by the movie “Kenny”, by Stewart Sugg, telling the story of one of the greatest British football stars – Kenny Dalglish, who is a legend by the big “L” for fans from the red part of Liverpool. We write that he won unexpectedly, because the competition was quite solid.
Amazing football history of Nicodemus Dyzma from Brazil, called “Kaiser”, the fate of two Somalis dreaming about a great career from the movie “Men In The Arena” or finally well-done and conducted “Earn a cup” – it was the top three biggest favorites, before the beginning of the Festival, at least based on verdicts that were made at foreign events of a similar nature.
But it was possible to create a unique aura around “Kenny”. The projection, planned just before the Champions League final, in which Liverpool faced Real Madrid, caused the sympathies of “The Reds”, honestly touched by the film legend story, to appear in the room. The life of the scriptum post was also good. Two weeks after the Festival, British Queen Elizabeth II gave Kenny Dalglish the title of noble who is now Sir Kennym.
A great complement to the main section of the Festival turned out to be special shows for the youngest viewers who flocked to Kinoteka to see three films with serious players in the main roles: “Ronaldo”, “Among Three Colors” and “I Want More”.
We are happy that our event – although it is still more educational than commercial – has once again shown that football is not only athletes’ fights, applauded from the stands by crowds. This is primarily a source of fantastic stories.


The organizer: Polish Football Foundation

Patronage: Polish Football Association

Honorary Patronage: President of the City of Warsaw

Partners: UEFA Foundation, Murapol